Susie brings her unique blend of storytelling, street cred, and martial arts discipline to private, corporate and public spheres. She inspires start-ups, executives, film, stage & television professionals, private groups and individuals through talks, workshops and one-on-one consultation.

GoDaddy EMEA WIT 2019

For individuals interested in enhancing strength, balance and response skills, one-on-one training in dynamic movement, stage and screen fighting and fight choreography for performance professionals, and private martial arts training in Ninjutsu and traditional Japanese weapons.

Past trauma, old triggers and trauma loops can persist long after a traumatic event has passed, and despite traditional therapy. Understanding what trauma really is, what your own trauma loops and triggers are really telling you, and how to release from past trauma are the first steps to living free from chronic physical and emotional pain and patterns. Susie provides an emotionally safe space and guidance from her own experience with trauma and violence to help recover life in its fullest sense.

Strategic thinking, situational awareness and disciplined training through martial arts develops transferable tools that can be the key to success in every situation, from negotiation to business development to employee assessment, to personal growth and mindfulness, and even to simply navigating the next stage of your life. Identifying the right tools and the process of applying them can enhance our deep power and personal connection in our lives, while helping us with anger management, boundaries, and learning how to “read a room”.

+ Consultation and private training in personal self defense for high-net-worth individuals (HNWI)

+ Corporate seminars, analysis and protocol for workplace sexual harassment and gender diversity

+ Expertise for safety, self defense and security product development, specializing in female-focused brands

Creative thinking, the art of storytelling, connecting unusual ideas to create something new… Susie can help motivate and inspire your team, group or event. Just schedule a chat at the button below to explore what’s possible.

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